Elvatara Coal, Wood & Coconut Charcoal Supplier from Indonesia

Who is Elvatara Coal?

Elvatara Coal is a trademark of charcoal from CV. Elvatara Indojaya. Elvatara Indojaya is a charcoal company or charcoal suppliers located in Surabaya with production location in South Kalimantan, Indonesia. As Charcoal Supplier, we provides a wide range of quality charcoal, from wood charcoal to coconut shell charcoal. We have been supplying various companies abroad that use charcoal, ranging from countries in Asia to Europe. With our services continues to grow, we hope to be your solution for your various needs of charcoal.

What Elvatara Coal do?

Charcoal Supplier from Indonesia that provides a wide range of charcoal type at an affordable price and best quality. Our main charcoal product divides into two categories, which is Wood Charcoal and Coconut Charcoal or Coconut Shell Charcoal. You can choose Halaban Charcoal (Halaban Woods), Mangrove Charcoal (Mangrove Woods), or Binchotan (Whita Charcoal) for our wood charcoal.
  • Elvatara Coal only use best quality raw material for charcoal and become leading export product.
  • No smoke, odourless, and no sparks are the advantage of Elvatara Coal’s Charcoal.
  • You can use our charcoal for a variety of needs, ranging from cooking like BBQ, food business like Café & Restaurant, to any industrial purposes.

Why Elvatara Coal?

Elvatara Coal wants to be your trusted and reliable business partner for all charcoal problem. We will be your business partner and supplier who supplies the best quality charcoals you can get. We are fully committed to our customer, ranging from the provision of clear information about every products that we produce and to ensure that our products are delivered as desired. Quality is our top priority. We produce charcoal with international standards so that it can be used by all companies worldwide.